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Chemical Free, Environmentally Responsible, Simple Maintenance

- Eliminate harmful chemicals from your pool

- By not using chemicals or salt, you contribute to the environment's health as well

- Kem Free Water means simpler maintenance and no spending money on chemicals

What are the Dangers of Chlorine in Swimming Pools?

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) says that Long-term complications may occur after exposure to chlorine. Complications are more likely to be seen in people who develop severe health problems such as fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema).

Swimming in a chlorinated pool may increase your risk of developing cancer, suggest a new suite of studies, which identified more than 100 chemical byproducts in pools that use chlorine as a disinfectant... You don't even have to swim in the pool to be affected by some of the health risks.

Key Benefits

Quality of Water – Fresh, clear, clean, pure . . . drinkable water. There simply isn’t’ another pool system like this available anywhere in the world. We are unmatched. End of story.

Perfectly Balanced pH - Engineered to fully automate and precisely balance a perfect pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.8 pH. Proper pH is always the battle with pools; now won...


What does Kem Free Water provide?

Imagine pure, safe, drinkable pool water. That’s right . .. drinkable! We are the NEW TECHNOLOGY, the smartphone vs the pager. We offer a complete Water Management System using technology instead of chemicals to purify your water. This technology revolutionizes and simplifies pool care. Gone are the days of trying to balance offsetting harmful chemicals. We are chemical-free, no chlorine, no metals, no minerals, no algaecides.

Apply this technology to your swimming pool today and experience the many benefits of precisely controlled water chemistry, without ANY chemicals. Simply put, you are using water that is safer and healthier from a system that makes it far easier and less costly to keep it that way than with traditional chemical methods. . . and it’s so clean you can actually drink it.

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