By not using chemicals or salt, you contribute to the environment's health as well

  • Cut your Carbon Footprint - Cut your energy consumption by as much as 50% and reduce your carbon footprint. The H2Titan achieves this savings due to an efficacy and efficiency that surpasses traditional methods. Our powerful hydrogenated ions simply sanitize faster and more efficiently so we don’t requiring the same complete “pool-turn-over” which is circulating the entire pool volume through your pump. Typical pools require 8 to 9 hours of pump run time to distribute chemicals that are only 20 to 30% active. H2Titan’s chemical-free, oxidizing ions are 100% active and continue to sanitize and manage your pool’s water for up to 60 hours.

  • No Chemicals, Just Clean - No chemicals to harm the environment. Just clean, drinkable water. Does it really get any better? Well yes, slightly. While chemically managed pool water with its toxins are dangerous to ingest and even breath, the hydrogenated water found in an H2Titan system is actually an antioxidant for people.

  • Saves Water - You’ll never need to dump your pool water again. After installing the installation of an H2Titan and starting the system on fresh new water there isn’t typically any need to change your pool water again. In a chlorine, salt pool or other chemically managed pool, some chemicals never dissipate and only increase in concentration. In the course of only a few years the water can become chemically saturated and achieving sanitized water is no longer possible. To restore balance you are required to dump your pool. This is never that case with an H2Titan.

  • Saves the Environment – When the inevitable happens and you discover you need to change your pool water, many people simply dump it on to the street where it enters the storm drain where that dumps directly into rivers and streams. Chlorinated water and salt water containing all those chloramines can have a devastating impact on the natural aquatic life. Most municipalities regulate the discharge of pool water that can cause damage to the natural ecosystems requiring water treatment prior . Some have stiff fines for good cause. This is especially true of saltwater systems. Not so with an H2Titan But s likely to be told the pool needs to be drained. Over time pool surfaces have chemical erosion resulting in dull, stained and pitted surfaced requiring emptying of the pool to be resurfaced.

  • No Pool Scaling - Pool Scale is that unsightly build of mineral calcium and inorganic material that form white deposits. Scales are indicative of high pH levels, high alkalinity or high calcium levels and can cause permanent damage to pool surfaces. Typical corrective actions involve draining half the pool, rebalancing the pools pH and alkalinity with more chemicals as well as scale reducing chemicals and in most cases a good degree of elbow grease in the form of scrubbing and scraping. The H2Titan is not only far less prone to pool scale as our water is consistently at a lower and balanced ph level over time we actually remove some of most existing scale.


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