What’s your family swimming in? Seriously, do you know?

It is likely that there is far more lurking in your pool water than you ever dreamt possible. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), environmental toxins are linked to a rise in chronic and autoimmune diseases. The chlorine bonds with impurities that enter the pool along with the people and sometimes animals that swim in it; including urine, sweat, sunscreens, oils, hair products, cosmetics, and even fecal matter. In addition, yard debris and other substances can drop or be blown into the pool, bringing with them ammonia, phosphate and nitrogen compounds, eventually becoming chloramines. Once bonded, chloramines are extremely difficult to remove from the pool completely, and in fact may never leave the pool.

Chlorine in clean water actually has no odor; even at 10 times the recommended dose you cannot smell chlorine in clean water. However, place a few drops of urine in the water and you have just generated a chemical reaction of chloramines that are responsible for the strong smell many of us associate with a swimming pool. As they gas off, they become eye, skin and respiratory irritants. What you thought was a strong chlorine smell isn’t chlorine, but the gassing chloramines. Ironically, the standard solution to the problem of a strong chlorine smell is to add more chlorine, more shock, and more chemicals to the pool. Even newer salt water pools are still chemically managed pools; they generate the chlorine in the pool instead of adding it directly.

Some of the many chemicals added to your pool never dissipate, but instead increase in concentration over time (cyan uric acid, copper and calcium are just a few examples). Though our goal is to care for our pools, we end up having little control over the multitude of chemical reactions taking place, eventually resulting in toxins from the formation of these byproducts. Worse yet, this may render intentionally added chemicals less effective, often resulting in the need for more excessive chemical additions. Too many chemicals can lead to a chemically saturated pool, no longer capable of properly responding to the added chemicals and potentially resulting in an unsanitary pool. An unsanitary pool can lead to microorganisms, waterborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and helminths) as well as waterborne diseases. The transmission of diseases such as typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, cholera, salmonellas, and shigellosis can be controlled with treatments that substantially reduce the total number of viable microorganisms in the water, at which point the pool water must be changed.

Is this what you want your family swimming in?

Wouldn’t you prefer a pool with water so clean you can actually drink it?

Why We’re Different:

  • Our system uses powerful Hydrogen Ions to fully sanitize your pool. Hydrogen rich water is actually an antioxidant.
  • Zero Chemicals – None . . Nada . . Zilch! Just water so clean, “You Can Actually Drink Itsm”.
  • Technology not chemicals – This technology will revolutionize the pool industry much to the industry’s dismay and chagrin. It’s a leap in technology on the order of a smart phone vs. a pager.
  • We are the only truly ZERO CHEMICAL solution on the market today. Other systems make the claim but ultimately require chemicals making them “Low-Chem” solutions. We are the only “No-Chem” product on the market today.
  • No Chlorine = No Chloramines. No Chloramines = No Cancerous Carcinogens.
  • Chloramines result from chlorine chemically bonding with impurities in your pool like urine, sweat, sunscreens, oils, etc. Once bonded, they NEVER leave the pool. We contain no chlorine (or other chemicals) so there is nothing to bond to. In the case of urine (ammonia), it is lighter than water, will rise to the top and quickly dissipate and evaporate from your pool.
  • Reduced risk of Asthma, allergic reactions and some forms of cancer
  • No Chlorine Poisoning (ingested) causing nervous and respiratory symptoms
  • No red, burning, swollen eyes.
  • No burning or swelling of the throat nose or ears.
  • No bleached hair, safe for hair colors, no damaged hair
  • No Faded Swimsuits
  • No Chlorine Odor
  • Skin is both Chlorine and Salt free, a difference you can feel
  • Literally lifts Urine from the pool
  • Environmentally Friendly: No Chemicals, No Toxins


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