You are literally "Swimming" in Savings:

  • Pump Run Times Reduced by at least 25% - Saves you $$$ The simple fact is the H2Titan has an efficacy and efficiency that simply surpasses all others systems. Your pool is sanitized faster and more efficiently so we don’t require the same turn-over (pump circulation) time. Chemically managed pools are actually only 20 to 30% active while the H2Titan’s chemical-free oxidizing ions are 100% active without the harmful byproducts and effects. The H2Titan is designed to sanitize your filter & equipment first, then your pool. H2 oxidizing ions continue to sanitize and manage your pool’s water for up to 60 hours. With rising cost of electricity this is both a cost saving and an environmental win.

  • Balanced Water - The H2Titan precisely and continually balances your water so managing the water’s chemistry is now a thing of the past. Weekly pH and alkalinity testing is not required. Coupled with a creepy crawler vacuum working the lower level of your pool, we become nearly maintenance-free. The pool still needs some light maintenance. The sides need to be brushed, skimmers and traps cleared, the filter backwashed etc.

  • No corrosion of your pool equipment – Without any chemicals in the pool and particularly a salt system there is no corrosion of your pump, heater, equipment, covers or pool fixtures. The salt system pools are heavily promoted today as the alternative to chlorine. What a win for your pool equipment supplier as they’ll gladly sell you the salt and all the chemicals that severely erode your equipment requiring the need for accelerated replacement. With an H2Titan you just extended your pool equipment's life expeditiously.

  • You’ll never drain your pool again – Unlike a chemical pool system, chemical-free H2Titan system never requires that it be drained (after the initial fill and H2Titan installation). In a chlorine, salt pool or other chemically managed pool, some chemicals added to the water never dissipate and only increase in concentration over time. In the course of only a few years the water can become chemically saturated and the same chemical that used to sanitize are no longer effective. You are likely to be told the pool needs to be drained. Over time pool surfaces have chemical erosion resulting in dull, stained and pitted surfaced requiring emptying of the pool to be resurfaced. Many municipalities regulate the discharge of pools that can cause damage to the natural ecosystems. Not so with an H2Titan.

  • Simplified Pool Maintenance - The H2Titan runs concurrent with your pool’s pump and filtration. Weekly pH and alkalinity testing is no longer required. Water chemistry can be adjusted by simply increasing or decreasing pump runs times. H2Titan typically requires the one gallon jug of muriatic acid be changed out monthly. Each gallon jug lasts 150 hours of run time so actual replacement time may vary. Simply open the gallon of fresh muriatic acid and move the H2Titan Cartridge from the old Jug to the new. That’s it. The old muriatic acid has now been reduced to the acidic level of vinegar and is safe for disposal down your drain. The H2Titan Cartridge needs to be replaced annually and with its quick connect wires and tubing is a simple “plug & play” type operation. No more toxic carcinogens being added to the water your swimming in.

  • Plaster & Grouting life increased exponentially. Quite frankly, on a new plaster job that coincides with an H2Titan installation the life of the plaster is now indefinite. Plaster life as well as pool liners are under constant chemical attack in a chlorinated pool. How long does pool plaster typically last? The best answer is: it depends. There is no way to determine the actual life of pool plaster. It depends on location, sun, heat, seasons and most of all water chemistry maintained by a pool tech spending ten minutes a visit and dumping who knows what into the pool. An improperly maintained pool’s plaster can be as short as 3 years with industry averages stated at 7 to 12 years. With an H2Titan there is nothing in the water to attack or erode the surface of the plaster or tile grout. With an H2Titan there is no fading, no discoloration, no failing grout or plaster due to improper chemistry management.


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