Our “Kem-Free” technology uses a patented process, 20 years in the making. Our H2Titan’s Ion Generator deploys a low-voltage electrolytic process with 29-31% Muriatic Acid (hydrochloric acid) to generate hydrogen ions. This acid NEVER enters your pool. The acid is always contained in it’s original one-gallon container and the Ion Generator Cartridge is inserted into the one-gallon jug creating ions in the form of an aerated mist. This ion mist is drawn into the pool’s filtration system via the vacuum created by your existing pump and is released into your pool as effervescent water often characterized as bubbles, carbonation or Champaign like water bubbled water.

  • H2Titan’s Ion Generator is designed to release a constant stream of pH 7.0 oxidizing ions into your pool’s filtration system that balance the water’s pH level and control total alkalinity. The ion is harmless and non-detectable to humans and animals, but algae cannot survive with the ion in the pool. The ions kill and inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria in the pool.

  • H2Titan’s Ion Generator was purposefully engineered to be deployed at the pool’s suction/inlet side of the filtration system using a regulator valve that controls the cubic feet of Ions so that the pump will not cavitate. The H2Titan’s Ion Generator typically will generate 150 hours of Ions per each jug of 29-31% muriatic acid (The muriatic acid NEVER touches or enters the water).

  • The result is a, clean, clear, 100% chemical free pool. H2Titan’s residual ions continue to sanitize and manage your pool’s water for up to 60 hours but it’s recommended that your daily run timer be set and adjusted seasonally. Our efficiency surpasses all others, requiring less pump circulation, saving energy and money.

  • The oxidizing ions produced by the H2Titan’s system are 100% active with no byproducts or harmful effects.

  • Conversely sanitizers in a chemically managed pool are only 20-30% effective in sanitizing, and anything left behind becomes a harmful byproduct that can injure your family, your friends, your pets and can even destroy your pool equipment (the only replaceable part in the equation).


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