Quality of Water – There simply isn’t’ another system like this available anywhere in the world. Fresh, clear, clean, pure drinkable water. We are unmatched. End of story. We are the same or better quality of water you drink and bath in.

Perfectly Balance pH - We precisely manage pH, alkalinity & kill algae. Our system is purposefully engineered to create a precise pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.8 pH. Proper pH is most of the battle, something now automated.

No Chemicals – Have you seen your local pool supply store? We don’t expect you’ll be going there that often anymore. Here’s what you WON’T FIND in our pools:

No toxins, no chlorine, no salt, no discoloring copper, no shock, no sodium bisulfate, no oxidizers, no calcium
hypochlorite, no sodium hypochlorite, no hypochlorous acid, no bromide, no chloramines cyanuric acid, no
stabilizers, no trichlor, no dichlor, no potassium monopersulfate, no lithium hypochlorite, no soda ash, no sodium bicarbonate, no calcium chloride, no algaecides, no flocculants . . . to name a

      What’s in your pool?

No Smell – No chemicals equal no odors. That chlorine smell isn’t actually chlorine, its chloramines which are the
chemical reactions and bonding of (mostly) urine, sweat, oils ,etc, We contain no chemicals so no chloramines, no

Urine Free – This could have been included in the previous section but we feel it deserves special attention. Our
active, effervescent H2 Ions cannot bond with urine but instead assist in lifting them to the surface. Urine (ammonia)
is lighter than water and rises to the surface where it simply evaporates. Got a lot of kids in the pool? Simply run
your pump for 24 hours and your good to go again.

No Hair Bleaching - Hair color safe. Won’t bleach your hair or fade out your swimsuit . For that matter we won’t turn
your hair or pool green like a copper Ion system.

No Red Eyes – Red, irritated eyes are the result of chloramines, chemicals.

No Heath Concerns – No chlorine poisoning due to ingestion causing nervous and respiratory symptom or asthma
triggering reactions.

Saves Electricity – Our efficiency surpasses all others systems. Your pool is sanitized faster and more efficiently,
requiring less turn-over (pump circulation time).

Saves Water - Unlike chemical pools you no longer are require you to change your pool water every so many years. Pools typically requiring periodic draining due to chemical saturation that makes sanitation ineffective. Pool surface erosion to repair and replace , residue build-up and pitted surfaces.

Saves the Environment – When the inevitable happens and you discover you need to change your chemically
saturated pool or even your salt-water pool many people simply dump it on to the street where it enters a storm drain where that dumps directly into rivers, streams or the oceans. Chlorinated water and salt water containing all those chloramines can have a devastating impact on natural aquatic life.

No corrosion of your pool equipment – Without out any chemicals or salt systems in the pool, there is no corrosion of your pump, equipment, covers or pool fixtures.

Simplified Pool Maintenance - The H2Titan runs concurrent with your pool’s pump and filtration. Weekly pH and
alkalinity testing is no longer required,

Plaster & Grouting life increased exponentially. If you have a newly plastered pool and immediately install our
H2Titan, the life of the plaster is now indefinite.


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