• Quality of Water – Fresh, clear, clean, pure, . . . drinkable water. There simply isn’t’ another pool system like this available anywhere in the world. We are unmatched. End of story.

  • Perfectly Balance pH - Engineered to fully automate and precisely balance a perfect pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.8 pH. Proper pH is always the battle with pools; now won.

  • No Chemicals – Have you seen the stacks of chemicals at your local pool supply store? Do you know what you’re subjected to? Do you understand the dangers even from storage let alone use? We don’t expect you’ll be going there that often anymore

  • No Smell – Zero chemicals = Zero odors. That chlorine smell isn’t actually chlorine, its chloramines a chemical reactions & bonding of (mostly) urine, sweat, oils ,etc, We contain no chemicals so no chloramines, no smell.

  • Urine Free – Effervescent H2 Ions cannot bond with urine but instead assist in lifting them to the surface. Urine (ammonia) is lighter than water and rises to the surface where it simply evaporates.

  • No Hair Bleaching - Hair color safe. Won’t bleach your hair or fade out your swimsuit . For that matter we won’t turn your hair or pool green like a copper Ion system.

  • No Red Eyes – Red, irritated eyes are the result of chloramines, chemicals.

  • No Heath Concerns – No chlorine poisoning due to ingestion or breathing known to cause nervous and respiratory symptom or asthma triggering reactions.

  • Saves Electricity – Our efficiency surpasses all others systems. Your pool is sanitized faster and more efficiently, requiring less turn-over (pump circulation) time.

  • Saves Water – Fill it once. That’s it. No more requirement to dump your saturated pool water every so many years because it has “tipped” and sanitation is no longer effective.

  • Saves the Environment – Dumping chemically saturated pool water or salt-water on to the street where it enters a storm drain and reaches rivers, streams or the ocean can have a devastating impact on natural aquatic life.

  • No Equipment Corrosion – No chemicals, no salts, perfect pH means there is little corrosion of your pump, equipment, covers or pool fixtures.

  • Simplified Pool Maintenance - Runs concurrently with your pool’s pump and filtration. Weekly pH and alkalinity testing no longer required.

  • Plaster & Grouting Life Increased Exponentially - Pool surface erosion, re-plastering, tiles repair, re-grouting is always expensive & always inevitable. The life of existing plaster extended, the life of new plaster is now indefinite.


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