What if my pool guy added chemicals to my pool? Will it hurt the H2Titan?

We encourage you to never put any unnecessary chemicals in your pool; however, in the event chemicals are added to your pool, it will not damage the H2Titan. Most of the added chemicals will eventually dissipate on their own and further aided by our ion’s lifting action.

Does it make any difference what time of day I run the H2Titan?

It does make a difference particularly in the Sunbelt states. For optimum performance, from April through September, run your H2Titan when the sun is on the pool (in the middle, or hottest, part of the day). October through March, the H2Titan can run any time of day.

Should I do anything extra if I have a pool party?

Yes. Run the system during the pool party until your guests leave. This will ensure your pool recovers quickly from the increased bather load.

What should I do if swimmers pee in my pool or excrete other bodily waste in my pool?

One of the reasons to run the H2Titan longer when you have frequent swimmers is to counteract such occurrences as urine in the pool. As there are no chemicals in our pools to bond with the urine, it will eventually dissipate and evaporate during the recommended run time for the pool. If, however, you experience other bodily waste in your pool (such as from a dirty diaper), remove the issue at once.

What should I do if my pool isn't clean of debris after the pump has run for the designated time? Is it ok to run the H2Titan longer?

There is no down side to putting more ions into your pool. Often, if there is debris from dust storms, foliage from plants, or an increase in swimmer activity, it is beneficial to run the H2Titan longer with the cleaning cycle.

Are there any conditions that don’t fall under the recommended running time modes?

Yes. After storms, monsoons, acts of God or other extreme weather events, run the H2Titan a minimum of 24 hours. If your pool appears clear and clean with the proper pH, return to your regular cycle. If it is not clear and clean, continue running the H2Titan until it does. Then return to your regular cycle. See also: What do I do after a summer storm?

What do I do after a summer storm?

First: Turn your system on during the storm. That will jump start the recovery time. Then, depending on the severity of the storm – brush your pool and run the system until the water clears up. If your pool was really slammed – very cloudy water – difficulty in seeing the bottom– this will help with the recovery process and will also help lower the phosphate level which can increase after a storm.

What happens if I begin to see some light algae in my pool, but the water is still clear?

Most often this is because the acid is below its effective concentration. Replace the acid and extend your run time by 2 hours. Brush the algae while the pump is running.
Once the algae clear, return to your regular run times.

What should I do if I still have algae after fresh acid and increased run-time?

If the algae persist - even with a new gallon of acid – then your H2Titan cartridge needs to be replaced. Contact Technical Support at: (855) KemFree (536-3733) or via email at: service@kemfreewater.com for a replacement.

How often do I need to change the acid?

A gallon of 29-31% muriatic acid lasts approximately 160 running hours. A typical 20,000-gallon pool pump running 5 hours per day (April through September) will last for 28 days.

What kind of acid should I use?

Always use 29-31% muriatic acid (often marketed as “Double Strength” or “Contractor Strength”). Muriatic acid commonly found in big box stores (like Walmart) is only 12-15% active ingredient. Do NOT use acid from big box stores. Always check the % active ingredient on the muriatic acid box.

If this is a chemical free pool what is the muriatic acid for?

The muriatic acid is a key “consumable” that works with our patented anode in the production and conversion of hydrogen ions that are produced at the equipment site. At
no time does muriatic acid ever directly enter the pool during normal operations. Only our effervescent hydrogen ions.

Why did my pool contractor pour muriatic acid into my pool after resurfacing my pool?

Following any new pool plastering or tile work, your pool contractor will pour muriatic acid into the pool to offset the highly base state created by the curing process of the acid cements and grout. Not only is this normal and routine, the muriatic acid is required to balance the pH of the water to aid in a stronger and faster curing.

How should I dispose of my used acid?

Acid that has been through a complete cycle of 160 hours should be disposed of in the following manner. Removing the cartridge, screw the original cap back on the gallon jug, keep the gallon jug in its original box and when both gallons have been used,dispose of it in your regular trash container.

My acid still bubbles after 160 hours. Is it still safe to dispose of it?

Yes. The acid is no stronger than vinegar after 160 hours of run time.

There is black residue in my acid, or my acid turned gray. What should I do?

Black residue that appears twice (2 cycles in a row) in your acid may indicate that you need to replace your cartridge and you’ll need to contact Technical Support at: (855) KemFree (536-3733) or via email at: service@kemfreewater.com to obtain a replacement.

Do I need to test my water routinely?

No. Our system is designed to maintain a perfect pH balance. As each pool is unique in size, location, sun exposure etc., we will initially test your pH over the course of the first week to determine required pump runtimes but after that it's not generally necessary. Our goal is to minimize your electric bill so we determine what is required each day to maintain that level.

You are always free to test your pH every couple of weeks to insure the run times are adequate. pH is the primary measurement of our system and a range of 7.2 -7.8 signifies that your system is operating effectively. Alkalinity can be tested every 6 months. Alkalinity in the range of 70-100 provides optimal performance. Should your test results fall outside these ranges, contact Technical Support at: (855) KemFree (536-3733) or via email at: service@kemfreewater.com


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