• Water Quality. . . . IS OUR DIFFERENCE, a difference you can literally SEE, SMELL, FEEL and TASTE – Ultimately, other systems simply do not compare. The H2Titan incorporates truly revolutionary technology. This comment from one of our customers says it perfectly, “I feel like I am swimming in Evian Natural Spring Water® every day”. We couldn’t have said it better.

  • SEE – Your pool water will always be shimmering, crystal clear water. It will be the first thing you notice every time you see your pool. Like filling your pool with fresh water for the first time, for the last time. Your water will never have the dull, cloudy, lifeless look found in a chemical pool; or the green stain, discoloration and tint of copper or metal ion systems. The H2Titan will always provide a vibrant, clean view.

  • You’ll also see the difference in our water beyond your pool, it will show in your family. Their hair is no longer being bleached by the chemicals in the pool, our water is always hair color safe. Their blonde hair won’t turn green as with a copper ion system. You’ll see it in their swim suits, that no longer fade and wear out prematurely. Most of all you’ll see our difference in their eyes. No more red irritated puffy eyes. No more ear, throat or respiratory issues. Finally, we trust you’ll see it in their smiles.

  • SMELL – Gone forever is that overwhelming chlorine smell that isn’t actually the chlorine at all! If you’ve reviewed our other pages, you know that smell isn’t chlorine but rather the chloramines (compounds of urine, sweat, sunscreens, oils, hair products, cosmetics, etc.). No more odor in your hair, on your swimsuit, your towels or while sitting around your pool deck. We promise to always pass the smell test, which means no smell at all.

  • FEEL – You’ll feel the difference in our water. It’s a comment we get often and it is noticeable. We contain no salts, no chlorine to bond with your skin, skin products, or sunscreens. We’ll always recommend showering off before entering your pool to keep contaminates to a minimum but showering afterwards, there just isn’t any need. Effectively you’d be showering in the same water you just swam in. Unlike other systems such as salt, copper and others, there is nothing in the water leaving a residue on your skin. There are some things that you won’t feel in our water. No burning, red eyes, no respiratory sensitivities or asthma triggering reactions. No chlorine poisoning due to ingestion causing nervous and respiratory symptom problems. We think the feeling you’ll like best, is how great it feels to know your family now enjoys clean, healthy water that isn’t going to harm them.

  • TASTE – Water so clean you can drink it. Yeah . . . it’s a bold claim. We know. Ask any other manufacturer if they’d enjoy a big, tall glass of their own pool water after operating for a few months? Here’s why we can make that claim, you begin your H2Titan system with a new fill of fresh, clean, tap-water. The H2Titan produces effervescent, cleansing, sanitizing ions that are 100% active and 1.5 to 2 times more effective than chlorine. Our active, powerful, oxidizing hydrogen ions continue to sanitize and manage your pool’s water for up to 60 hours. We sanitize your water in half the time. As we contain no chemicals, there is nothing for impurities to bond with to become harmful byproducts. They remain in their original form. In the case of many of these impurities such as urine (ammonia) they are lighter than water and the effervescent, Champaign-like bubbles help raise them to the surface, where they evaporate and dissipate. Having a bunch of kids over in your pool? We recommend simply running your pool for a 24 hour cycle to make that water drinkable again. We precisely manage pH, alkalinity & algae. The H2Titan is purposefully engineered to create a precise pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.8 pH. The days of managing the tug-of-war like side effects of destroying proper pH balance with chlorine, salt, acids and other chemical systems are a thing of the past. Proper pH is most of the clean water battle, won right there. Hydrogenated water is in itself an antioxidant and there are many systems on the market today that create hydrogenated water as a health benefit for consumption. Digesting chlorinated pool water on the other hand of even breathing it is very unhealthy. We don’t have that the opposite effect.


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